It is important to every so often remind yourself of your calling. This means going back in your mind to the point when God called you to follow and serve Him.

Where is that place for you? Where is it that you go to in your own mind when things get tough and you feel like quitting? Maybe some of you cannot identify a specific place and time where you felt the Lord’s calling. Often, we fail in our calling because we do not understand the significance and importance of what Christ has called us to. We forget what really matters. Understand that God has a plan for your life? Do you understand your calling, and can you see how God wants to change the world through you?

Have you ever caught yourself looking at someone else’s life and wondering why they have it so easy and you have it so hard? Everyone around you seems to just dance through life but you find yourself constantly struggling just to make it through another week. God has not called us to compare ourselves with other people, He has called us to obey.

In Hebrews 21:1 it says that we are to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Notice that God marks out the course, not us. He chooses the route and for each one of us it is different He also chooses the talents, temperament, trials and tests that we will have and face. You cannot compare yourself to another person because you are not that person. They have their course, you have yours.

You cannot choose your calling. Your calling chooses you. You have been blessed with special skills that are yours alone. Use them, what ever they may be, and forget about wearing another’s hat.

Here at Holy Apostles, we all have some kind of ministry calling on our lives. We have a mission, a mandate that we were made for. God has called us to follow Him and given us the privilege of investing our lives in His sheep. Perhaps today Jesus wants to remind you of his call on your life.

A chicken and a pig walked past a church building one day when they noticed the Sunday morning sermon title posted on the outside bulletin board, “helping the Poor.” While walking the chicken suddenly came up with a suggestion. “Say, Brother Hog, why don’t we give all the poor people a nice breakfast of ham and eggs.” The hog thought for a moment and replied, “Sister Chicken, that’s all right for you to say because for you it is only a contribution. For me, it’s total commitment!”

God wants to build something with your life if you will let him. Let me encourage you to review that calling. If you have failed and fallen let Jesus renew that calling in your life and rest in the fact that God wants to do something amazing in this world in and through you.

What is your calling? It all starts with loving God. May the Lord remind, renew and release that love in us today as we seek to share it with a hurting world.