Last Sunday, and for the next six weeks, our Adult Education at 10 am will be focused on The Way of Love. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has recommended this broad and adaptable Rule of Life to those of us identified with what he calls “the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.” The Way includes seven practices, each meant to help us follow Jesus more intentionally and grow in God’s love: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest.

On Sunday we focused on the first of these practices; what it means to turn toward Jesus and follow Him as a disciple. And one thing was very clear throughout our discussion—turning is a process. We don’t turn once and then check it off our discipleship “to do” list. We commit to turning toward God in Christ and away from whatever it is that separates us from God again and again and again, sometimes more successfully than others.

Each new day brings renewed invitation and refreshed opportunity to engage this process. And in that spirit, I share these two Celtic poems of daily self-dedication:

I kindle my fire this morning in the presence of the holy angels in heaven.
I on Thy path, O God
Thou God, in my steps.
Bless to me, O God
The earth beneath my foot,
Bless to me O God,
The path whereon I go.

I lay me down with Thee, O Jesus
And mayest Thou be about my bed,
The oil of Christ be upon my soul,
The Apostles Creed be above my head.
O Father who wrought me
O Son who bought me
O Spirit who sought me
Let me be Thine.