photo by Charles Edward Case

In my homily on Sunday I mentioned the anniversary during Holy Week of the devastating fire at Holy Apostles 30 years ago. Some parishioners were sharing photos of that time—before, after and after—and it was so moving to see the photographic record of new life rising (literally) from the ashes of what had once been.

As I looked at these images, it occurred to me that new life is finding a way to work through our sacred space even now. Although we cannot gather for worship, it manifests today in a different form. God is working within our current strictures so that our church can provide sustenance to people who desperately need it. Prayers of gratitude rise up where incense once floated through the air–for food, for supplies, even for the donation of a mobile freezer! The space where hymns are usually sung now hosts the assembly line filling backpacks with food for families with nowhere else to turn.

We are all part of this work, whether we support it with prayer, passing the word, contribution of resources, or staying home in order to keep people safe and allow essential services to continue. As far as the primary mission of Holy Apostles goes, we really are one. And as long as hunger persists our community will do everything it can to respond in faith and love.

The day when we can worship together again will be joyful indeed. Until that time, I include two images of our beautiful church responding to God’s call to us today. And keeping watch over these essential supplies? On one end, the banner declaring that no one shall be cast out of our church. On the other, the image of the resurrected Christ.

Happy Easter!

photo by Mother Anna

photo by Mother Anna