Founded in 1982, the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is currently the largest emergency feeding program in New York City and in the Episcopal Church nationally. Housed within the nave of the Church, the Soup Kitchen serves over 1,200 meals every weekday and offers counseling and referral services to help the guests break the cycle of hunger, poverty, and despair.

Holy Apostles recognizes the vital importance of providing basic nourishment to those who are hungry — but much more is needed. Together with the solidarity and commitment of our staff and volunteers, Holy Apostles strives to be a gateway to positive change in the lives of the people it serves.  It seeks to enlarge our guests’ capacity for self-help and reconnection to the broader community. Through our programs and in our commitment to combating hunger and homelessness, we provide the support and respect guests need to become self-sufficient and regain hope for the future. Holy Apostles is a place of humanity, compassion, and dignity.

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