God in his wisdom has chosen to use human witnesses to bear witness to the light so that the world may believe. Why does God send human witnesses at all? When you think about it does God really need our help? God has chosen weak vessels to display his great power to witness to the light and to push back the darkness. That is what he did with John the Baptist. Jesus of all people, God in the flesh, did not need help but he sent John. But God in his wisdom has chosen this way. This has two implications for all of us.

In a general sense, God sends us all. We are not masters of our own destiny. God sends some of us for specific tasks. It may be like John the Baptist, the Apostle Paul or any number of people in the Bible. Or it may be to a specific place in life, like being a parent, business owner, employee, or something as simple as a neighbor. God may also call you to something different someday. He may call you into something you are not doing right now. He may someday come knocking on your door. We are a people sent from God and God may change that assignment at any time.

John came upon the scene at the right time and in the right place because he was sent from God. Do not discount the fact that you and I are people who are sent by God. Sometimes we recognize that fact, on the other hand many times we don’t. God sends us to witness to the light; it is in our spiritual DNA to do so.

John was described as a burning and shining lamp. Jesus was the object of his affections and was shining with the light of truth. The truth that we need so much of today. The truth enlightened John’s mind and so gave warmth to his heart. That should be the desire for all of us. “Our minds enlightened with the truth which acts like kindling wood which stoke the flame of our hearts.” God’s desire for all of us is that we are to be a burning and shining lamp.

Why does God want us to bear witness to the light? We find the answer to that question in John 1:7, “that all might believe.” John came as a witness so that others would believe. God has sent you as a witness to the light. This is a great time of the year to do so. It is probably one of the easiest times of the year to talk about Jesus, the light of the world. Live as a witness to the light.