I am still basking in the glow of the recent highly successful Farm to Tray event as well as Sunday’s uplifting Pentecost celebration and happy BBQ which followed. Both brought home to me how much I will miss Holy Apostles when I finish here next week! My almost two years as Interim have been rich and rewarding ones for me and have provided a good antidote to my first retirement! Mandatory retirement (at age 72 in the Episcopal Church) came as a bit of a shock in 2016. However, Bishop Dietsche’s invitation to come to Holy Apostles as Interim came at just the right time. I have loved the Sunday worship and fellowship here and have rejoiced in the music (thanks to Christopher, Tim, and to the choir) as well as being able to immerse myself in the work of the amazing Soup Kitchen. I have known about the latter for a long time and have supported (and will go on supporting) its work. But daily I am so impressed with what the Soup Kitchen provides and of the staff and volunteers who make it happen. The parish can be justifiably proud of this ministry. I need hardly remind you of the importance of the support of parishioners in this vital work. When I came here a young priest said to me “Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is a jewel in the crown of the diocese of New York.” What a privilege to have been associated with this work.

It was with a sense of rightness and timeliness (and perhaps with some relief) that I was able to introduce Anna Pearson at Farm to Tray as the next Rector of Holy Apostles and Executive Director of the Soup Kitchen. I am confident that Mother Anna will give distinguished leadership both to the parish and to the Soup Kitchen. I know how much she is looking forward to commencing her ministry here. She has already moved into the neighborhood and is rearing to go!

So, thank you all for your friendship and encouragement and may God bless you in your continuing ministry here at Holy Apostles and beyond. Pray for me in whatever lies before me as I will pray for you.