Project Description

Here’s a new update on our Bee Project/Honey Program. With new bees and of course a new queen taking up residency in the hives on the sacristy roof — it was time to harvest the Spring/Summer 2018 “holy honey.” Daniel Moy-Chin, Steve Turtell and Charles Mohacey extracted honey from 15 frames of honey comb on August 12 after church. The yield was substantial. That is great news but the better news is we will have another harvest this year in the fall! Contact Charles Mohacey if you would like to help bring in the fall harvest.

Incidentally, last year’s spring/summer and fall harvest we proudly produced over 40 lbs of “holy honey” — which sold quite well and helped to sustain the Bee/Honey Project. We also use the honey in the creation of our altar bread.

Spring/Summer Harvest 2018

Fall Harvest — pending