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On Sunday, October 7, we celebrated the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Saint Frances Patron of Animals so loved the animals we remember him as a friend and protector to them. Legends have left up with idyllic pictures of how beasts and birds were susceptible to the charm of St. Francis’ gentle ways, how they entered companion with him and often felt protected by him. It is said birds listened so reverently to his sermon along the road near Bevagna Francis chided himself for not having thought to preach to them before. He also found great delight and solace in simple things such as the rising sun or flowers, all aspects of nature.

Please check out theses memories of the day.

On that day many of the members and friends of the parish donated to the flower fund in honor of the joy and life-long relationship we share with those animals who have graced our lives:

Anonymous — In memory of Pepper and in thanksgiving for all creatures great and small our earthy companions

Mary Ellen Blizzard — In thanksgiving for Remy

Charles Edward Case & Roseanne Kelleher — In memory of Tappan, Trixie, Baici, Digger, Basil, Chelsea, B. K., Francis and Columbina

The Chiles family — In memory of Una, a big fluffy dog; and in thanksgiving for Dori, their cute playful pup – full of love

Beth Diefendorf — In memory of Lobo, the African Grey Parrot

The Hill family — In memory of Tejas and Domino and in thanksgiving for Penny and Hugo

Lorenzo Lebrija — In memory of Paco (an awesome cat)

Patrizia Eakins Martin & Peter Martin — In memory of their four cats Blackie, Bogey, Li Po & Gwai Mui and for Liz York’s Jesse, a Miniature Doberman

The Pearson family — In memory of Una

Betsy Post — In memory of Toto and in thanksgiving for Daisy & Jax

Cynthia Rock — In memory of Lola & Ernie and in thanksgiving for Oscar

John Sandercock — In thanksgiving for Lily

Lucy Sexton, Annabel Sexton-Daldry & Louise May — In thanksgiving for Jennie Sox, their kitty

Beth Strickland — In memory of Benjamin Coffin, the bird; Nicholas Alexander V (the fifth) & Prince;
and in thanksgiving for Mo and Jackson

Diane Wondisford & Linda Golding — In thanksgiving for Calvin and Moritz