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Holy Apostles’ organ was built by J.L.van den Heuvel — Orgelbouw, Dordrecht, Netherlands, for the salon of Castle Shiloah, the residence of Joseph and Marla Mooibroek in Fairview, Texas. The organ was completed and installed in their home in 1994, but, in 1996, the Mooibroeks reached the decision to sell it.

At that time, Holy Apostles was without an organ. A disastrous 1990 fire destroyed the church’s hand-made Casavant Freres organ. A true pipe organ has always been a fixture in the landmark church — so the loss of the Casavant organ was quite a blow. When it was discovered that the van den Heuvel organ was available, the Church did not waste time in purchasing it. As if built specifically for Holy Apostles, the organ sits perfectly in the north transept of the church.

The organ is housed in a Dutch Baroque-style case with detailed sculpture and carvings. It is an instrument that tonally is in the French early Romantic style and it has a remarkable variety of unusual tonal colors. The organ has 32 stops distributed over three manuals and pedals, and over 2,400 pipes. This rare organ required three to four years to design, build, and install. There are only 50 van den Heuvel organs in the world.