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“The variety of styles, the building techniques, and the stained glass windows are what give the Church of the Holy Apostles a special spot in a city full of buildings. It provides the ambiance of a quaint country chapel, contrasting the commotion of the surrounding city. Inside, the unfluted columns and sweeping vaulting give the feeling of a cathedral in Tuscany that has been shrunk to a size that fosters friendship in the congregation.

“This church is what historicism really should be about, it is an attempt to forge a genuine new statement out of pieces of different old ones, and, astonishingly, it works.

“The Church of the Holy Apostles is a survivor. Its neighborhood is one of industry, trucking, and housing projects. It wants to be part of the splendid Greek Revival rows of houses just a few blocks downtown in the heart of Chelsea. But like a good missionary, it does its work here instead, where it is most needed.”


Architectural critic Paul Goldberger
The New York Times