Church of the Holy Apostles

Holy Apostles NYC

296 9th Ave‎ (At 28th Street)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 807-6799

2014 Holy Apostles Parish Appreciation Barbecue

Our Church of the Holy Apostles parish is very blessed with the amazing gifts of time, talent and treasure so generously given by you, our dedicated parishioners and friends.  Just a sampling:

  • the Rogation Day planting by the children in our lovely garden
  • the joyous music from our new volunteer choir;
  • the crucial work for peace and justice by those who write letters and visit law-makers in Albany; and
  • the involvement in and support for our Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.


We are blessed daily by your gifts. Therefore the Stewardship Committee decided to dedicate this year’s Spring Stewardship events to celebration of all of the many different gifts from all of us. So the theme for this season of Stewardship is APPRECIATION.  We can improve many elements of what we do and how we do it, but we start with gratitude.

Therefore on June 22nd a day of appreciation of all our gifts and a time of community celebration was held.  Thanks to all who helped to make this day of gratitude and community special indeed.