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Waiting On The Holy Spirit | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

Have your ever watched a movie that you’ve already seen? Maybe the first time it was suspenseful, but not so the second time because you know how the story ends. You know the good guy doesn’t fall off the cliff and the bad guy eventually gets caught. But you still enjoy the movie. In fact, since you’re not all tied up in the plot, you begin to appreciate other aspects of the film; clever dialogue, outstanding camera work, the use of a special effects, and so on. Since you know the ending you can enjoy the movie on a whole different level.That’s how we can enjoy life— if we are viewing it for the second time. We don’t have to sweat the outcome because we know God’s ultimate outcome. We need not wonder if he will take care of us, or if he will cause all things to work together for his good. We know the outcome. We know that since Jesus conquered death, we can, through Him, conquer life. In the process, we can enjoy the journey. Every day is part of the celebration—even the tough days. That’s God’s promise.If the spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through the Spirit, who lives in you....

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Transcendent Creativity

photo by Charles Edward Case Between now and May, the Brooklyn Museum is offering an exhibit featuring the life and

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Early Valentine

The Reverend Doctor Anna S. Pearson, Rector Valentine’s Day came early here at Holy Apostles, in the form of our Black History

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Preparing Ourselves to Walk with Jesus for Holy Week

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Lenten practice of Stations of the Cross, which grew out of the pilgrimages early Christians took to Jerusalem to walk in Jesus’ footsteps in his last days. Much of what we know about this kind of pilgrimage comes from a journal kept by a Spanish nun named Egeria (or Etheria or Aetheria) who traveled to Jerusalem in the fourth century (sometime in the 380s). The nun wrote of her experiences for a group of nuns and other women back home, and it is the earliest such account that we have.... ...I find it so moving that when we have our own Palm Sunday procession with palms, we are not only walking in the footsteps of those who witnessed Jesus’ entry in to Jerusalem, but also of countless pilgrims like Egeria. To be sure, their procession and worship lasted all day, and so was a bit more immersive than our circling our sanctuary; nevertheless, we are taking part in a very ancient remembrance. The ancient liturgies continue as we move through Holy Week, following Jesus in his last days. Why not make a point to join us, and the myriad pilgrims who have gone before?

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Advent A Time Of Preparation

This Sunday we begin the season of Advent, the time of preparation for both the feast of Christmas and the final coming of Christ in power and glory, as well as the start of the new liturgical year. The calendar this year gives us a short Advent season, just three full weeks, since the fourth Sunday of Advent falls on Christmas Eve....

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