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Expectations | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

Have you ever been in a situation where people did not live up to the hopes and expectations you had for them? If so, you can probably understand why John the Baptist was confused in the Gospel from Matthew, we will read on Sunday. Uncertain, scary times can shake us up and cause us to have doubts about our faith. John the Baptist is a good example. When we, like John, are moved by the Holy Spirit, we vow to follow God. When we receive blessings, we are sure that Jesus is our Savior. When we face tragedies and disasters, we question our faith. We question why these things happen. We are wrapped up in our suffering that sometimes we can’t see, hear or feel God’s presence.....

Expectations | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon2019-12-10T18:50:54+00:00

In Times of Trial | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

Most of us have not had the experience of being hated and persecuted for being followers of Christ, which is the case in some parts of the world. We all know that in small and in sometimes big ways, following Jesus will often put us at odds with the values of this world, and at times the values of our friends. The truth is our faith is on trial every single day of our life. We are most susceptible to fail when tragedy and stress come to call. So, what do you do when your world is falling apart?...

In Times of Trial | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-11-14T22:00:36+00:00

Prayer–What A Comfort | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

As Christians we should have a strong belief in prayer and the power of prayer. It is part of our relationship with God where we can never stop growing or do too much. Prayer is a wonderful privilege that God extends to us to come and talk to Him and lay everything at His feet. Prayer shouldn’t be our last resort when times become difficult. Rather, it should be the first life-saving ring if you will, we grab when we are drowning and hold on to for dear life. Is it always easy? No. But, then again, neither is life, hence the need for these reminders to take everything to the Lord in prayer before, in the middle of and after feeling totally overwhelmed by it all....

Prayer–What A Comfort | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-10-17T17:06:12+00:00

The Shrewd Manager | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

On Sunday we have one of the most unusual parables Jesus ever uttered. We could call it the parable of the Shrewd Manager. It’s a story about a manager who was squandering money that belonged to his employer. He used dishonest methods to give an accounting of money that belonged to his boss. You see the manager was a cunning, conniving, dishonest person. One can’t help but smile at how shrewd he was. You can’t help but admit that what he did was a clever little idea if however terrible, morally apprehensible....

The Shrewd Manager | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-09-18T20:31:30+00:00

Religion vs. Relationship | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

In the Gospel story for this coming Sunday, a lady whose disability has caused her to be bent over for 18 years, walks into the Synagogue and upon seeing her Jesus who was teaching calls her to come to Him. He lays His hands on her and she is healed. The leader of the synagogue was not happy because Jesus had healed her on the Sabbath....

Religion vs. Relationship | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-09-05T21:45:16+00:00

The Lord’s Prayer | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

unday’s Gospel message is instantly recognizable as the Lord’s prayer, or one might say the disciple’s prayer as it was the disciples who asked Jesus “how to pray.” We must assume they already knew how to pray as they spent time in synagogues and temples. They also had been in the presence of Jesus for quite some time, witnessing first hand all the mighty works he had done, impressed by His wisdom, power and His love. So, if you think about it, they were basically, asking Him how they could pray, and get similar results themselves. The Christian life is fueled by prayer. It is made stronger by our intimate relationship with God each day....

The Lord’s Prayer | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-07-26T15:10:36+00:00

Seize The Moment | The Reverend Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

If we only live once, we must live our life meaningfully. Can you imagine what your life could have been if you did not delay when the opportunity was given. What if you studied before the exam? What if you bought that stock before it went up? For some what if they received Jesus as their Savior when they were younger? We all have the tendency to postpone. There are those who stay up all night to finish a project at the last moment....

Seize The Moment | The Reverend Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-07-26T15:12:50+00:00

Waiting On The Holy Spirit | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

Have your ever watched a movie that you’ve already seen? Maybe the first time it was suspenseful, but not so the second time because you know how the story ends. You know the good guy doesn’t fall off the cliff and the bad guy eventually gets caught. But you still enjoy the movie. In fact, since you’re not all tied up in the plot, you begin to appreciate other aspects of the film; clever dialogue, outstanding camera work, the use of a special effects, and so on. Since you know the ending you can enjoy the movie on a whole different level.That’s how we can enjoy life— if we are viewing it for the second time. We don’t have to sweat the outcome because we know God’s ultimate outcome. We need not wonder if he will take care of us, or if he will cause all things to work together for his good. We know the outcome. We know that since Jesus conquered death, we can, through Him, conquer life. In the process, we can enjoy the journey. Every day is part of the celebration—even the tough days. That’s God’s promise.If the spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through the Spirit, who lives in you....

Waiting On The Holy Spirit | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon2019-09-05T21:54:42+00:00

Your Calling | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

It is important to every so often remind yourself of your calling. This means going back in your mind to the point when God called you to follow and serve Him.Where is that place for you? Where is it that you go to in your own mind when things get tough and you feel like quitting? Maybe some of you cannot identify a specific place and time where you felt the Lord’s calling. Often, we fail in our calling because we do not understand the significance and importance of what Christ has called us to. We forget what really matters. Understand that God has a plan for your life? Do you understand your calling, and can you see how God wants to change the world through you?...

Your Calling | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-05-02T19:01:17+00:00

Priorities | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

How many of us have ever sat down and thought about what our priorities are in life? Think about it for a moment what they might be, then think how much attention you apply to them. What really matters to you is the way you live your present life. Let me suggest to you some of the things people make their priorities. Family, their work or study, their career path, finances, health, leisure time. Then there is their home, their retirement fund, etc. You may want to add some other things that come to mind. Note, I haven’t mentioned God or church, have I? But that’s where this message comes in. In this Sunday’s Gospel we see various people with vastly different attitudes to Jesus and vastly different priorities....

Priorities | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-04-03T17:17:25+00:00
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