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Your Calling | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

It is important to every so often remind yourself of your calling. This means going back in your mind to the point when God called you to follow and serve Him.Where is that place for you? Where is it that you go to in your own mind when things get tough and you feel like quitting? Maybe some of you cannot identify a specific place and time where you felt the Lord’s calling. Often, we fail in our calling because we do not understand the significance and importance of what Christ has called us to. We forget what really matters. Understand that God has a plan for your life? Do you understand your calling, and can you see how God wants to change the world through you?...

Your Calling | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs2019-05-02T19:01:17+00:00

Priorities | The Rev. Deacon Robert A. Jacobs

How many of us have ever sat down and thought about what our priorities are in life? Think about it for a moment what they might be, then think how much attention you apply to them. What really matters to you is the way you live your present life. Let me suggest to you some of the things people make their priorities. Family, their work or study, their career path, finances, health, leisure time. Then there is their home, their retirement fund, etc. You may want to add some other things that come to mind. Note, I haven’t mentioned God or church, have I? But that’s where this message comes in. In this Sunday’s Gospel we see various people with vastly different attitudes to Jesus and vastly different priorities....

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The Struggle Continues… | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon

his month being “Black History Month,” I write this meditation not with the intent of giving a litany of events or quotes about America’s dark past. I will allow the bloodstains of history reveal America’s guilt and shame. However, I do write to tell you that there is hope, that we can believe in....

The Struggle Continues… | The Rev. Robert A. Jacobs, Deacon2019-11-05T18:58:54+00:00

Our Baptism

n our baptismal covenant, we commit to believe in God, participating in the Church’s life, resisting evil, sharing the Gospel and ultimately doing all of this out of love. It starts with our creed. Do you believe in God the Father? Do you believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Do you believe in God the Holy Spirit?....

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Turning Around

Repentance is not simply coming to the realization that one has made some bad decisions, or gotten themselves lost, or sorry for getting into a predicament.... ...Forgiveness is a gift that we receive through repentance. But, John reminds us that we can’t stop with the gift. We have to respond. We have to produce fruit that gives evidence of the repentant heart, that shows that the direction of our life has changed.

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Do Not Fear

We often hear of people who believe they know when the world is about to end. They look at what’s happening in the world and say, “the end is near.” People point to the Bible and find images and passages that reinforce their point. This Sunday’s gospel from Mark, Jesus was trying to tell the disciples of things to come. They have been in Jerusalem and seen the beautiful temple built by Herod. As you would imagine, most of these disciples were not familiar with large cities and the grandeur of massive buildings. The Temple was twice the size of the Roman Forum, with huge white stones weighing tons. When viewed from a distance (the Mt. of Olives) the disciples who were sitting with Jesus were impressed. I imagine their reaction must have been much like any of us having seen the inside of our Cathedral, St. John the Divine or perhaps if fortunate enough to see the inside of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome for the first time. They were in awe of the structure; probably thinking that the Temple would last forever.....

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To Serve & Not Be Served

Sometimes we have the idea that if we follow Jesus we are guaranteed to receive a reward. When that happens, we forget that Jesus’ ministry was one of serving others. He gave himself for the sake of others, including suffering for their salvation. In Mark’s Gospel, James and John seized the opportunity to ask for the highest positions of honor in His kingdom, one to sit on His right the other on His Left. Power as the standard of greatness corrupts people. You only have to look at some of our political leaders to see that this is the case. For years, men thought that power belonged to only them. The “Me-Too movement” is changing that and this is good....

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Becoming a True Servant

Jesus, in this coming Sunday’s Gospel, opens a discussion by wanting to know what His disciples had been talking about the last few miles of their journey. He of course had been in the front leading them, but behind him, He could hear that they were having a rather heated discussion. Now, that everyone was gathered together and sitting down, Jesus desired to know what it was that had caused such a lively and heated discussion. He wanted them to share, so that they could all talk about it together, calmly and rationally. What the disciples and others that followed did not know was that Jesus knew exactly what they had been discussing. He knew it was about personal ambition, about wanting to be the best, about even wanting to be the greatest. What they did not know was that such discussion didn’t bother Jesus at all. In fact, it allowed Jesus the opportunity to help them understand how they could in fact be the best disciple possible....

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To Whom Can We Go?

n Sunday’s Gospel we learn of how, after listening to Jesus teaching in the synagogue at Capernaum, many of his disciples found his words difficult to the extent where they could no longer be Jesus’ disciples. You see, Jesus was teaching them about the sacrament of Holy Communion, of eating and drinking his flesh and blood. To many, this was going too far. Such a teaching went beyond sound reasoning and common understanding. However, Jesus was not teaching or advocating that his disciples practice cannibalism. Rather, he was speaking of living in relationship with Him as God’s Holy One who would open the door to the Father. The gospel tells us, that those who were following Christ (disciples), were abandoning Him, so He asks the twelve disciples if they too wished to go away from Him. Peter, being the spokesperson for the other disciples responds, “Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”....

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